The Run Club Wednesday that wasn’t…

Wednesday is usually my favorite day of the work week – half way to the weekend, just a short couple of hours on campus, and best of all.. Irish 31 Running Club! I was introduced to run club a few months ago by my friend Betsy, and look forward to it every week.

Eventually, my fiancé, Derek, just couldn’t take it anymore and had to join in on the fun. Best part of run club? Top 3 males and females to finish the 5K get free beer! And, much to our surprise, Betsy and I came in the top 3 on our last run and were rewarded our own delicious free brewskis. I’ve never won a race (yet), so this was MONUMENTAL, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Unfortunately for me, the weather situation today (monsoon) kept me off the pavement and my nose in the books.. Fortunately for my roommates (my parents), however, I had time to whip up dinner for us all.  Tonight I made goat cheese-stuffed turkey burgers with a homemade meyer lemon honey mustard, steamed asparagus and a giant salad. I think I forgot that I’m an only child living at home, because I made enough for 4 non-existent siblings. Leftovers???



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