Tuesday Happenings

Whats up people! Tuesday was a huge ball of fun. Sara and I started our day with a Xtend Barre class and I’m definitely feeling the burn today! My favorite part of the class was putting resistance bands around our ankles and doing chassés.. We absolutely looked like penguins and I couldn’t stop laughing out loud.
Side note: I must be doing something seriously wrong in barre classes because no matter which studio I go to, I get “help” from the instructor. By help I mean that they come over and adjust and contort my body into a completely different position than what I thought was correct. This has happens every.single.time. What’s wrong with me? Does anyone else seem to be the black sheep of their barre classes like I am?
We spent the afternoon boating to Beer Can Island and hanging out on the shore with Derek, Megan, Ben, and Megan’s cousin Joseph (he’s a gator but he took us out on the water and he’s pretty nice so I won’t complain). We soaked up some serious rays and pretty much all look like lobsters. Aside from the tide coming up and taking away all our snacks, the day was a SUCCESS.

boat day

photo (11)

My mom and I met Sara and Patti at Timpano’sChophouse for “Ladies Night” – We had too much fun to take pictures so I have none to show you! But rest assured, plenty of martinis, wine, and fried mozzarella was consumed. Timpano’s is great because they have live music most of the week – last night they have a 7-piece band that Derek and I are thinking of hiring for our wedding reception. We lucked out and got to hear them play all night long – love ’em!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Day 2 of our StayCation –


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