A Glimpse of the Week

Have I mentioned that this week of vacation has kept me insanely busy? I’m not complaining, because it’s definitely been a great kind of busy, but I’m seriously worn out and I think I need a vacation from vacation. One of my favorite parts of vacation is having time to run with Derek. He’s morally opposed to the treadmill, which is fine by me, because we get to go on lovely Bayshore or golf course runs.. Yesterday we were able to take time for 5 miles on Bayshore.

Anyway, here is our crazy week in photos:

We’ve spent the week painting….

dere paint

image (23)


image (13)


Derek is the official omelet chef. Gonna get him a chef’s hat to wear for weekend breakfast


image (1)

Eating…image (24)


and Celebrating…image (21)

Law School Graduation party for Sara and Ellen!image (22)

image (19)

image (20)I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, myself included!


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