75% of a CPA

Big news… I PASSED MY 3RD CPA EXAM!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect to find out the results until tomorrow, so I went into panic-mode when I realized I was wrong about the score release date, and that my score could be coming any minute. After frantically pushing “refresh” for about an hour, my passing score finally showed up. I can’t believe I only have 1 more exam left to pass. The last 9 months have been consumed with my CPA review, and it’s glorious to think the end is near in a few short months!

Now that you’re here, I’ll walk you through the rest of my day. It all started with a 45-ish minute exercise sesh. I hopped on the treadmill, hit “quick start” and let my feet do their thang.

My 40 minutes on the treadmill looked a bit like this:

10 minutes @ 6mph

10 minutes @ 6.5 mph

10 minutes @ 7 mph

10 minutes @ 6.5 mph

I ended things with an “ab burner video” from Fitnesissta, one of my favorite bloggers!

After my workout, I whipped up a quick southwest breakfast burrito. I usually go for oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, so this was a curve ball I threw at myself (how fun is my life, right?).. I was slow to get ready for work, so I literally SCARFED this thing down in about 45 seconds. I’m considering signing up for the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest because I honestly surprised myself by how fast I can eat.

eggsThe picture is awful – that thing was delicious.

After work, Derek took me to Carmel Cafe to celebrate my CPA exam. I intended to take food pics, but we got too hungry and this pic is what was left of what we devoured…


Followed things up with some celebratory Yogurtology,


And now it’s finally time for some relaxing and the season finale of Modern Family! (Mod Fam happens to be in my top 3 favorite shows. I incessantly tweet at Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny, but can’t get him to notice me for the life of me).

Have a great evening, everyone!


2 thoughts on “75% of a CPA

  1. congrats on the exam! and nice burrito. how you have time to run, work abs, shower, get dressed, cook, AND eat BEFORE breakfast escapes me. Whew…

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