Ikea Hack

We’re currently in the process of furnishing Derek’s new casa, and I’ve found so many pieces over the last month that I have to get. Obviously they can’t all come home with me (apparently money really doesn’t grow on trees), so I’ve decided to “DIY” some of them. I recently turned 2 Ikea “Lack” side tables into ottomans/coffee tables.. Here’s how my dad and I did it!


2 Ikea Lack side tables

2 pieces of 32 inch x 54 inch fabric of your choice

upholstery foam

super glue or spray adhesive

upholstery scissors (or other sharp, heavy duty scissors)

staple gun


1. Apply super glue or spray adhesive to the top of 2 Ikea Lack tables. My dad and I bordered the edges with glue, and then filled in the center with scattered dots of glue.

2. After measuring and cutting upholstery foam to fit the top of the table, set the foam to the glue-applied table. Press down all around for 30 seconds to make sure the foam adheres. tables2

3. Measure and cut your selected fabric to fit around the table and foam. Make sure you have enough that it stretches about 1 1/2 inch over the underside of the table.tables3

4. Using a staple gun, insert 3 to 4 staples on each side of the table. Fold the corners of your table to your liking (I went with a gift-wrap type corner). Hammer in the staples to make sure there are none poking out.tables 4

5. Screw in table legs into the holes in each corner of the table. Try to avoid uneven amounts of fabric in each corner, as this could make your table legs wobble-y when sitting on the ground.tables 6

6. Use your new pieces as a coffee table or bench for the foot of your bed!


ottomans2I’m a DIY/Furniture repurposing freak – anybody else out there like me? If so, please share your projects!

Happy Saturday!


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