DIY Gold Mason Jars

Hi peeps!

It’s been a while since I got crafty, and I was hankering to use my gold spray paint, so I decided to make something fun out of a few mason jars we had lying around the house.

This was super simple and took all of 30 minutes (including dry time!).


Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Mason Jars, or other small jars/vases

Newspaper to cover your work space

Set out mason jars upside down. Shake spray paint can vigorously, and spray the jars individually, in a sweeping motion. Be careful not to apply too much, as the paint may drip. After you achieve a desirable color, let dry 15 minutes. Voila!



These can be used for flower arrangements, to hold makeup brushes, or for decorative accent pieces around the house.



I’d love to hear if you give this project a try, and I’d love to see your finished products!


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