Takeout.. It’s What’s For Dinner

Salutations my friends! I hope you all had a happy hump day and you are counting down to the weekend like I am. My Wednesday started with an early morning 20 minute walk with Louie. He’s pretty active and he’s got a lot of energy in him for such a little guy.


After work and class I met Derek to hop over to the mall to check out Fit2Run. The store at International Plaza had some special events and a 5K fun run in honor of National Running Day. The weather was nasty so after checking out the dynamic stretching session they were holding, we left to do our running and workout at the gym.

Today’s workout in the Summer Shape-Up called for a 20 minute hill treadmill session and Workout 1. I altered the running because I wanted more than 20 minutes, and my run looked like this:

No Boredom Incline Run

I followed my run with Workout 1 from Summer Shape-Up.. This included dynamic weighted exercises that focused on legs, abs, and arms.

Our workout finished around 8 so take-out was on the menu for dinner! I had a delicious scallop and black fig salad, and Derek had a blackened grouper sandwich. Both were delicious and I’m definitely going to try to re-create the salad at home. While I love cooking, sometimes I just want to kick back and not lift a finger in preparing my dinner – yesterday was one of those days.

scallop saladMy Scallop and Black Fig Salad

grouper sandwichDerek’s Grouper Sandwich (Post Mustard and Tartar Sauce smothering)

Although it’s currently ugly and stormy out, I’m really excited for the day, as I have a hair appointment and a date night on my agenda!

What do you all have planned for tonight and for the weekend?

Did you celebrate National Running Day?


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