Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday

So Friday morning began with a power outage (oh, at this point, the rain had stopped and it was sunny out). As I cannot begin my morning without a cup of coffee, I immediately threw on some clothes and went to the nearest Starbucks. Normal protocol for any emergency situation. Since it was so early in the am, other stores were not yet open, so I waited at Starbucks until 8 when Target opened. And thus began my morning errands. After checking off my last task of the day (secure final bridesmaid:check!), I headed home…


… And spent a couple of hours doing school work. This made me antsy. So I did what any normal person would do – I ran. I laced up my sneaks and went for a 6 miler. I didn’t intend for Friday to be a long run day, but once I got to 4 miles I thought, “Why not make it 5?”.. And then once I got to 5, it was “Well might as well go 6.”.. And when I got to 6, “This must end immediately”. So that’s how my 6 mile run came about.

In the end, I’m pretty pleased at the 6 miler I logged, as I had absolutely no reservations in devouring 4 huge pieces of cake in the wedding cake tasting that Derek and I went to. This is by far my favorite aspect of wedding planning, and I think any sane human with half a sweet-tooth would agree. We had some chocolate cake, some vanilla, some marble cake, with different combinations of hazelnut, mocha cream cheese, hummingbird and almond filling. TALK. ABOUT. MOUTH WATERING.

At dinner time, a group of 8 of us got together and went to Bonefish – I had myself some salmon and we finished the evening with none other than…. YOGURTOLOGY!!! For those of you who haven’t had Yogurtology, I apologize sincerely and advise for you to get to Arizona or Florida immediately and eat some. Yogurtology is famous for their Oatmeal Cookie flavor frozen yogurt, and I’ve yet to find a better tasting ice cream or froyo flavor ANYWHERE. I added some German Chocolate Cake flavor froyo along with a thousand toppings in mine – go big or go home.


For some extra weekend reading on running, check out this article from FitSugar.. It highlights common running mistakes and how to go about fixing them.. Enjoy your day!


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