Family Recipe: Butternut Cake

Hi, friends! Hope all is well with everyone. If it isn’t, it will be after you bake this cake I’m about to give you the recipe for. This recipe dates way back on my dad’s side of the family, and I’m so glad my Aunt Pat is still making it today. Here it is:

Butternut Cake


Yellow Cake Mix (and necessary ingredients listed on box)

2 tablespoons Vanilla Butter & Nut flavoring


Prepare cake according to directions on box. Add the vanilla butter & nut flavoring the the mixture. Bake as directed for two 9″ layers. Be sure to spray pans with cooking spray, and dust with flour for easier release.



1/2 lb. bar of cream cheese

1 stick organic butter

2 cups of 10X confectionary sugar

2 tablespoons butternut flavoring

1 cup chopped pecans


Beat cream cheese and butter until fluffly. Add confectionary sugar and mix thoroughly. Add flavoring and nuts and mix well. Spread icing on cake, but be sure that cake is thoroughly cooled before frosting.

birthday cake

It is a melt-in-your-mouth type flavor – just the right mixture of nuts and flavor.

I’m still over here trying to figure out what’s causing this extreme allergy attack  – I have a date with the allergist in a bit – cross your fingers that he can fix me!


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