Feeling Better!!!

Hey there, peeps! I’m happy to report I think we’ve found a solution (but not a culprit) to my allergy/hives fiasco. The allergist answered my prayers this morning and switched me over to zyrtec and allegra (I’d been taking benadryl and a steriod for the last 72 hours and nada on the improvement front). The past 5 hours have been the most pleasant since Friday morning – I even worked up the courage to eat something besides saltines and chicken noodle soup (hives were accompanied by a bad stomach :/)


I’m the luckiest person around that I’ve got this guy:


and these two:

…To put up with me/take care of me when I get whiney and dramatic when I’m sick. Oh yeah, this guy is great company too..

Louie the cutest

Since the allergist assured me of certain foods I’m NOT allergic to, I plan to make a tasty dinner tonight – something with chicken, sweet potatoes and maple syrup, perhaps. I’m also finally going to join my mom at her yoga class this evening, as the allergist urged me not to run for a couple of days. The no running thing is really bursting my bubble, as I’ve already spent the past two days with zero physical activity – hopefully yoga will start to fill the exercise void!

Happy Monday, everyone – make this week a good one!


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