Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli

I didn’t watch The Godfather this weekend, but I did make cannoli!


I’ve been wanting to make cannoli ever since I tried a couple of years ago with extreme difficulty. Cannoli (fun fact, singular of cannoli is cannolo) require metal cannoli “forms”, which are really just tubes to wrap the dough around in order to deep fry them into crispy shells. The last time I attempted, I made my own “DIY cannoli forms” – this was a huge mistake and the process was a mess. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered cannoli forms online to take a second whack at the endeavor. I had Derek’s help in the kitchen (he’s a master when it comes to anything that’s dough related – cue Homemade Pizza and Homemade Pasta recipes)

This time I combined 2 recipes: The first, a recipe from our family cook book, and the second, a recipe from The Food Network










I was thrilled with the way the cannoli turned out and I plan to make a double the batch next time I make them, as it’s quite a messy process for just 20-24 cannoli!


2 thoughts on “Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli

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