Photo Share 6/6

Just a few pictures to share with you guys of the last few days of vacation. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, we’ve just been having way too much fun with family and friends and I haven’t had a minute to spare

image (42)delicious pico de gallo

photo (27)

fish tacos with Derek’s family

photo (29)

pool time with Derek and Ayden

4th of july4th of July fun

image (47)another large batch of granola

image (46)..this time with dark chocolate chips

image (43)omeletes a la Derek for brunch

image (44)

photo (30)homemade pizza!

Besides stuffing our face with delicious eats the past few days, we’ve also been getting pretty crafty and hands-on. We gave an old 4-post bed frame new life with a bit of paint, and have been working hard at the house. My runs have been short and sweet this long weekend – always about 3.1M.

I’ll share with you all how to make festive chocolate-dipped pretzels, as well as our furniture project soon!

Happy Saturday!


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