Legends of the Summer: T-31 days

Yesterday was one of those 10+ hour days for me so I thought I’d treat myself with a fancy (but not shmancy) breakfast to start the week off on the right foot


I just love Van’s waffles  – pretty much all kinds. I had the organic waffles and topped them with PB, bananas, honey and blueberries. It was perfect.

After letting my breakfast settle, I got in a quick 3 mile run and the following circuit work out (2 times through):

workout may 18

1 month till…

Today starts my 1 month countdown until this


The JT and Jay-Z Legends of the Summer concert in Miami. The first time I heard Justin’s new album and learned he was going on tour I knew I just HAD to go. I still haven’t stopped listening to the Justified or FutureSex/LoveSounds albums, so The 20/20 experience just fit into my line-up perfectly. Derek and I are SO excited to go to the concert next month with 2 and our friends, and I know the anticipation of the trip is getting me through this last month of graduate school and my CPA exam studying.

Anyone else a crazy JT fan?

or Jay-Z?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m hoping for some nice afternoon weather so I can take my run outdoors after work!


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