Photo Share 7/28

Long time no talk, friends! I hope you all had a phenomenal weekend. Mine was filled with family, friends, and great food. Not much more a girl can ask for!

photo-112Lunching with friends @ Piquant

image-213Celebrating my nephew’s birthday @ Bern’s Steakhouse

66100_10200236504891061_184242437_nDad + the boys

image-211Post-dinner treats @ the Dessert Room

image-216Sunday Fuel @ Buddy Brew

image-215Evening with friends
Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 2.04.40 PM

I have some recipes to share with you this coming week, and my FINAL cpa exam is in 3 days. Out of the 3 CPA exams I’ve taken thus far, I received the best score on the most recent, which happens to be the one I took 3 days after starting this blog. I hope blogging is my good luck charm and I can pull another passing score on this last one! Pray/cross your fingers/rub a bald head for good luck for me!


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