Freedom + Fire

FREEDOM!!! For now. I can finally say I’ve taken all 4 CPA exams! I’m in a limbo period now as I wait a few weeks for my score to come back, so it’s hard to feel a complete sense of relief since I don’t yet know if I passed.

The 12 hours leading up to the exam and the 12 hours after were certainly eventful. Upon arriving home from class Wednesday night, I obviously went straight to the freezer for some icecream. Much to my horror, I found that the freezer had been left open all day. More disappointing than the melted ice cream was the thawed out 2 pounds of shrimp I found. The shrimpies were just finishing the thawing process so my only options were to toss them or cook them at 10pm. I made a shrimp scampi pasta for Derek to take to work the next day, so the situation wasn’t a complete waste. It just wasn’t what I had in mind at 10pm before my CPA exam.


Following the impromptu shrimp scampi, we had a little accident on our hands. Derek sliced his head open in the shower and literally looked like a gunshot victim. Naturally, I went into nurse mode and handled the situation like a pro. Yeah, right. I ran away screaming. After some deep breaths I regrouped and called my mom to see if she thought he needed stitches. He didn’t and we both survived the incident – phew! (I’ll spare you from the pictures!)

Flash forward to Thursday morning. I’m sure you want to hear ALL about what I was tested on on the CPA exam, but I prefer not to reminisce any more than I have to.

After a gruesome few hours, I returned home and let out some steam by running 5 miles on the treadmill. It was gloriously relieving – I just sort of cleared my head and went. I maintained an 8:35 pace throughout, so I’m obviously setting some serious land-speed records. The rest of the day was spent sunning (with SPF, of course) and splashing with my mom and Louie in the pool!

image-236It was quite the relaxing afternoon!

An even more daunting exam than my CPA exam took place this week. Florida residents studying for the Florida Bar exam took the test on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I can’t even imagine how difficult it was, and I’m so happy my friend Sara finally has her life back! She’s been preparing probably 25 hours a day for the past 2 months for it and I know her hard work will pay off 🙂 To celebrate, Sara and I went with our families to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood on Thursday evening.


Eddie V’s opened in Tampa a couple of months ago and I’ve been dying to try it out. The food, service, and atmosphere all went above and beyond my expectations, and I can easily declare that this is my new favorite seafood restaurant. I didn’t manage to snap too many pics, but I did get a picture of our dessert. it was on fire. Literally.



The Banana’s Foster with a Butter Pecan cake left me in a euphoric state and put me to sleep within seconds of arriving home.

Today I’m excited for lunch with my Abuela and a weekend that is free of CPA studying! Happy Friday, everyone!


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