Love Thy Furry Friend – Benefits of Pet Ownership

I’m sure you all are well aware of how obsessed I am with dogs, especially my little Lou. And every pet owner knows what a happy feeling it is to return home from a long day and see your furry friend jumping at the door, filled with excitement  at the sight of your face. The wonderful news is that pets aren’t just good for our souls – they contribute to our physical health as well.



Research from the CDC finds that owning a pet can help decrease your blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and feelings of loneliness. Having a furry friend also helps to increase your opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities, and opportunities for socialization (I know I would talk to you if you had a pup with ya!).

American Heart Association says  that “pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, may be reasonable for reduction in CVD [cardiovascular disease] risk”. This may be due to the fact that research shows that dog owners get 54% more exercise than non dog owners.

Research also shows a link between pet ownership and:

  • lower stress
  • lower levels of obesity
  • higher self-esteem

So, give your fur babies extra love, care, and attention, because chances are that he or she is increasing your quality of life more than you know!



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