I’m Unemployed…

…for a month! Thursday marked my last day of employment with the University, and the beginning of my 1 month of no employment until I begin working in the most fashionable and sexy field out there… The field of accounting and auditing. Go ahead, tell me how much you wish you were me.

To celebrate my last day at work, my boss took me to the Oxford Exchange for lunch. My kale caesar salad seemed a little boring as per its description on the menu, so I asked the waiter if the chef would throw on some roasted tomatoes. He happily obliged and I happily consumed.


I’m a fan of kale these days, so it really hit the spot. Plus, I feel like my veggie intake has been subpar, so now I’m back on track!

Before lunch, I received a special delivery at the office – a basket of Chris’s Cookies from my parents to congratulate me on finishing my Master’s degree! I know all my co-workers were really upset at the thought of having to eat delicious cookies, but they were kind enough to offer their assistance anyways.


My workout happened in the late afternoon after all the last day of work excitement. I decided on a 3.5 mile steady pace run, with some sprinting intervals towards the end.

My best friend Megan is obsessed with Bethenny Frankel, and got to meet her earlier this week at an event Bethenny held in Tampa. Megan got a Skinnygirl yoga DVD at the event, and guess what she did with it… She gave it to me!! So I gave it for a spin after my run.


I did about 30 minutes of it and it felt great. I loved it because Bethenny didn’t take it too seriously, which made me feel more comfortable (like I said earlier this week, I’m a novice yogi and easily intimidated). I definitely plan to do this yoga series regularly!

My favorite meal of the day came during the evening hours – my parents took Derek and I to Pane Rustica to celebrate the end of my academic career. Pane Rustica has always been one of my favorite Tampa restaurants and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal. One of my favorite aspects of Pane is that they don’t skimp on the free bread, and they serve it alongside house made hummus. I appreciate the generosity, Pane.

Between the 4 of us, we had a few salads, a bottle of wine, a delicious Mediterranean seafood salad packed with scallops shrimp and squid, some serious pasta, and a crazy huge burger. We finished with an espresso cookie sundae dessert. I was one happy girl. image_2


This morning Megan and I are going to a Pure Barre class before we hit the road for Miami this morning. I honestly can’t believe the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert is tonight – I’ve been waiting for this since the age of 2.



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