If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you probably noticed that my exercise of choice is running. Well, my friends, doing the same thing day in and day out gets Boring with a capital B. So on Tuesday of this week I decided to change things up by taking a couple of fitness classes. Normally I’d pick one class or the other, but they were back-to-back and everyone else in the class stuck around so I did too.

The first class I attended was Bodypump, which is a barbell class by fitness guru Les Mills. All Bodypump classes have a specific choreography with carefully selected music that is switched out every 3 months, ensuring that things stay interesting! The class is typically an hour long, and works almost all muscle groups. I really enjoyed this class and intend to go back!

CXWORX was right after Bodypump, and is also a Les Mills exercise class. I loved that CXWORX was only 30 minutes long, because it will be a great class to take after completing a run or other cardio. CXWORX also uses specific music and choreography as it works and tones your core and backside with resistance band training. I definitely woke up feeling the effects of CXWORX this morning.



What are your favorite exercise classes?

Is there a Les Mills class you love?


5 thoughts on “BODYPUMP and CXWORX Review

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