DIY: Jewelry

Let me begin by trying to convince you all that I AM NOT the artsy type. Honestly, I have the handwriting of a 3rd grader, the painting skills of a toddler, and the drawing skills of an average cat. So this DIY necklace project is one that anyone can handle.

I took a trip to Michael’s Craft store (tools and products can also be found at Joann’s and Hobby Lobby), and picked up the following:  assorted beads, bead stringing wire (gold), and 72 inches of gold chain. I already had flat head pliers and wire cutters at home. photo

To begin, I picked out which beads I wanted to string, and set them aside.image_2

Next, I measured out about 21 inches of chain, and cut it with the pliers (yes, I probably should have used the wire cutters, but I picked up the pliers instead and they worked fine – so if you don’t have wire cutters, don’t worry). Because I wasn’t using a clasp with this necklace, I had to make sure that I could fit the necklace over my head – make sure to do the same before cutting your chain! This project works great without jewelry clasps, but I also tried a few necklaces this weekend WITH clasps and that worked great also. If you can spare an extra $4, I’d get the clasps!


I also cut about 5 inches of the wire using the pliers, and tied one end of the wire to the last link of the chain. I made 2 or 3 knots, and then cut off the remaining short part of the wire that stuck out past the knot.



After tying the knot, I thread the beads onto the wire, and attached the end of the beaded wire to the other side of the chain to make the circle complete. I also double-knotted this end, and trimmed off the excess wire past the knot as best as I could.




If you give this necklace project a try, please share pics of your beautiful new jewelry!

(Before you go to the craft store, make sure to search the internet for coupons! I found 40% off coupons for both Michael’s and Joann’s)


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