Photo Share 9/9

image_4Lunch at Bazille @ Nordstrom with friends on Friday

photo-154I obviously don’t own any tennis clothes. We play daily so this is pathetic

photoBloody Mary Bar at brunch on Sunday

image_31 of 3 of my plates at brunch. Sushi + French Toast + Lox + Steak go together perfectly in case you were wondering


Wine + Charcuterie + Cheese at the new Crumb & Cork in Downtown Tampa


Loving on Lou after we fended off an attack by a mean mutt Friday night

As you can see, my weekend was FULL OF FOOD. I had some of the best meals of my life this weekend, especially brunch at Oystercatcher’s for our anniversary on Sunday. I would go into detail of all I ate, but wouldn’t want to gross you out that way so I’ll refrain.

My fitness for the weekend included a few 4+ mile runs from our training plan, a cycling class and cx worx class. This marks my last week of retirement, so I plan to take a few classes, cook a few meals, and work on some DIY projects!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a happy and healthy Monday!


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