Chocolate Covered Heaven + A New Ikea Hack

Fresh Market > Whole Foods > GreenWise. At least when it comes to candy.

image (73)

photo (36)

I went to the Fresh Market last night to pick up some essentials. And by “pick up some essentials”, I mean that I left with veggie chips and honey roasted peanuts. Essentials.

I would have taken some candy with me, but who needs to do that when I sampled just about each and every piece while I was there? I was briefly transported to heaven when I made the turn down this aisle, and at this particular Fresh Market, the sweets + chocolate covered nuts and raisins take up about 20% of the store space. It’s pure genius.

The rest of the store is kinda pretty also.

image (70)

Rewinding to earlier in the day… I began my day by heading over to help out at one of the Title I schools where my mom frequently works. She is an Educational Diagnostician, and works with students at nearly 30 schools in our county. It was pretty awesome to see her in her element, and how instrumental she is to the school and the children there. I knew she was pretty special when she was nominated for a “Teacher of the Year” position by a school she is only at part-time, but seeing her in action seriously validated her awesome-ness.

But, one of the most wonderful things about helping out at this school was that my mom had this in her desk:

image (69)I’ve seen commercials for JIF whips, but never gave it a try. I love JIF peanut butter so much, so why change it up? If it ain’t broke don’ t fix it! Well, people, JIF whips is just as delicious if not better than the regular PB. I had to get out of that office fast before I ate half of that thing.

After spending several hours helping at school, I returned home and worked on an Ikea hack project with my dad. Remember when I first showed you guys the easiest hack using Ikea Lack side tables?

tablesWell those were great as a coffee table or a bench in a darker-themed bedroom, but my room at my parents home is far too white for those colors. Something had to be done! So, my dad and I worked on a new set. image (72)

image (71)Louie was pleased, as was my inner laziness, because now I don’t have to get off my bed to pick him up.

Later in the afternoon, I headed to the gym in hopes to run 3 miles and attend a group fitness class. However, once I got there, I realized there were no classes for another 2 hours – that will teach me to check the schedule before I go next time. Instead of attending a class, I did the following treadmill workout, which ended up being a little over 5 miles.

50 minute run

And dinner was a plethora of leftovers.

image (67)

It felt nice not to cook for one night, but I’m excited for the few days I have left in the kitchen before I start work next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful hump day! We’re that much closer to the weekend 🙂


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