Photo Share 9/16

Happy Monday, party people! I hope everyone had a lovely and fun-filled weekend. On this fitness front, I tried to stick with our half-marathon training plan by cross training on Friday (pure barre) completing a long run on Saturday, and a 3 miler on Sunday. So far, so good! Here are some pictures from the rest of my weekend!

Lunch with my sweet grandparents on Friday at my fave – Ciccio’s

nano and abuela

My massive gorgonzola-covered saladcali salad

A zucchini bites appetizer – recipe to come!photo

Louie with the boys on gameday. So masculine.image_5

After our 5-mile run on Saturday, don’t we look pretty?

The only thing better than Chick-Fil-A breakfast is free Chick-Fil-A breakfast.image_2

Shrimp + Scallops from date night on Friday at the Wine Exchangeimage

Turkey Burgers Sunday night. Recipe to come!

Have a happy Monday, everyone! I have some major errands to run and packing to do before my training begins Wednesday. So long, last summer vacation ever!


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