Photo Share 9/23

Hey, everyone! Long time no talk. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was spent in Hottlanta, as I know I’ve mentioned several times – but the plot thickens! Derek was sweet enough to fly up for the weekend and spend some time with me here in the Giant Peach. We got lucky and were able to spend the weekend with his family as well, which makes work travel much more enjoyable! In addition to a 5 mile run through beautiful Piedmont Park, we spent the weekend eating tasty food and visiting the Georgia Aquarium. Here are some pics from my weekend!

Date night dinner at Pasta da Pulcinella in Midtown – Pumpkin Ravioli with walnuts, sage and brown butter. Need I say more?


The prosciutto and mozzarella wrapped grilled asparagus wasn’t so bad either.


Dinner with family + my best friend Ayden at The Big Ketch. We tried to cheer on our Auburn Tigers but apparently didn’t cheer loud enough


Brunch @ BLT Steak


View from the treadmill at my hotel. Not too shabby.


Masterchef Derek’s Sunday Creation.



Happy Monday, friends! Have a happy and healthy week 🙂


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