Photo Share 9/30

Hello, friends! How are ya? I’m finally back home and currently writing this post alongside Lou and Derek – life is good and back to normal! While I’m very excited about beginning my career, it’s nice to have training end and be back with my family!

The most exciting part of my weekend was definitely Saturday morning. Several weeks ago, my dad, Derek and I signed for a 5K to benefit the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa. Before I talk about the race, I think it’s important to mention what a great organization the Children’s Cancer Center is. While it’s evident how important cancer research – both pediatric and adult – is to finding a cure, it’s also important for children and families diagnosed with this disease to have a means to cope with the experience of cancer. The Children’s Cancer Center is committed to helping children and families cope today.

“Our mission is to provide these children and their families with the educational, emotional and financial relief necessary to cope with the illnesses which threaten to tear their lives apart.” – Patty O’Leary, Children’s Cancer Center C.O.O.

It was inspiring to be amongst the members and volunteers of this remarkable organization, as well as the survivors and children currently fighting cancer. I swear that the reason running felt so great Saturday morning is because I kept remembering what cause I was running for.

Which leads me to my next bit of news: I had a PR time on Saturday morning! My running while at work training the past couple weeks was much lighter than usual, so  before the race started, I thought a sub 26:00 5K probably wouldn’t happen (my previous PR was right over 26 minutes). After the second mile (and two gigantic hills/bridges), I realized that a sub 26 minute 5K was definitely within reach. I decided not to check my Garmin for several minutes, and when I did look down, I discovered that I was probably going to make it in under 25 minutes. After turning the final corner and sprinting through the finish, my official time was 24:36 – a minute and a half faster than my previous PR!

Now, the title of this blog, eatsandfastfeets, is obviously a joke – I’m by no means a setter of any land speed records. But I did cut 10 minutes off of my 5K time since I started running a year and a half ago, and it really makes me fall in love with running all over again! My time put me in 2nd place in my age group, and Derek’s sub 22 minute 5K put him in 2nd place in his age group also! Neither of us have placed top 2 ever, so it was a fun experience. My dad placed 1st in his group, which is nothing out of the norm 😉

Now some photos from the past few days..

The 3 of us right after the race

photo 111

What I received when I ordered the chicken dinner at Two Urban Licks in Atlanta. 1/2 of a chicken.


Moroccan Chicken @ Carmel Cafe with my family on Friday night

moroccan chicken

Molten Lava Cake @ Carmel Cafe

photoweqwq 2

Derek on the podium – they called our names and gave us medals 😉

photo 3331

Dad on the podium

photo222 4

Finally my turn!photo333 3

Greek Frittata on Sunday morning – Recipe to come shortly!

photo 4444

Chicken Francese on Saturday night – recipe on the way photo 5

Parker posing with the Bucs cheerleaders at the 5K on Saturday – he was in heaven photo 43

I hope you all have a lovely Monday and a happy week! I will be over here trying to balance work + fitness + cooking, all with a smile on my face! Wish me luck 🙂


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