Photo Share 10/14

Well hello there, fellow party people! How goes it? I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend and I hope you are all ready for a fantastic week ahead. My weekend was certainly fun, as it was filled with plenty o’ time with the Weatherly clan. D-Man left town this weekend to head to his old stompin’ grounds, Auburn Universtiy, and spend the weekend with his family. And while I missed my partner in crime (especially during my boring 5 mile run on Saturday), it was nice to have 3 days to spend with my family. And in true Monday fashion, I’ll continue with my tradition of re-capping my weekend through photos:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. I made a couple batches of these late Friday evening and they are almost all gone. Don’t be alarmed, I had plenty of help in the consumption of said muffins.pumpkin3

Once I started baking, I just couldnt stop. Banana Walnut Bread was next on tap, and baking this made our house smell so incredibly delicious. I’ll share both recipes with you shortly!


Bodypump. I try to attend classes at my gym on the weekend as regularly as possible, since my schedule is a little less flexible during the work week. I made it to a Bodypump and Bodyflow class this weekend – thank you Les Mills, you are a genius.


My parents and I all had serious cravings for sushi on Friday evening, and these rolls hit. the. spot.

md,bfdsnbfd s

Do not go out of town and come back empty handed. Perhaps Derek learned this the hard way, perhaps not. Pish posh that’s all in the past, and this time he most certainly did not come back empty handed. I can’t wait to use these preserves and butters! Anyone have ideas what I should do with them?


Not only did I get to hang out with my parents this weekend, but my nephews Andrew and Fuller, and Fuller’s sweet girlfriend Emily came to town. On Saturday night we all got together at our aunt and uncle’s home and grilled out some delicious burgers. Football may or may not have been involved.



Do I have the sweetest Maid of Honor, or what? My best friend and maid of honor, Megan, left me this sweet surprise that I came home to this weekend. How adorable is that note pad?!


It has been far too long since I’ve spent a couple hours in a nail salon, inhaling beautiful fumes and having my paws painted. My mom treated me this Saturday, and I chose You Don’t Know Jacques! by OPI, which seems great for fall!


That’s all, folks! I hope you guys have a marvelous Monday!


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