Photo Share 10/28

Hey there party people, Happy Monday! While I’d love to lie and pretend that I love Mondays sooo much, it really is a wee bit sad turning off my TV Sunday night after watching Homeland, and saying farewell to my lovely weekend. I’ve never treasured two days so much as I do Saturdays and Sundays, and my adoration for said days has grown exponentially since I’ve begun working. But, after Monday is over, we will have just 4 days left until our next weekend, and that is certainly something to smile about.

I do want to address the fact that my posts have been few and far between lately, and unfortunately, I think they may remain this way. In trying to find balance between my work and personal life, I’ve found that if I’m able to make time to cook, it’s hard for me to find time to blog about my recipes, and the same goes for my workouts. But I love sharing my culinary experiments and daily happenings with you all, so my plan is to post 2-3 times every week and keep up a routine with it. I’ll try my best to make all of those posts interesting, and hopefully filled with yummy recipes or fun new workouts!

That being said, I’m going to segue into my normal Monday morning post, a photo re-cap of my weekend!

This weekend was the most fun I’ve had in so so long, and it began with a Thursday evening Bucs game with Derek and his dad.

photo 1

It’s hard being a Bucs fan –  we are the opposite of undefeated.

Friday morning kicked off with a  barre conditioning class before I went to work. Aren’t I cute at 6am? Had to snap this beauty real quick so no one saw my weirdness!


I’d never attended a barre class at my gym before, and went into the class with somewhat low expectations, as I’m more accustomed to the formal and structured Pure Barre setting for barre classes. I’m happy to report my expectations were surpassed, and although I miss my cardio/heart rate fill when attending any barre class, I did feel like I got a great toning workout from the session.

After barre and an exciting morning participating in recruiting events with my firm, I attended a delicious lunch atop one of Tampa’s tallest buildings. This week has been FILLED with delicious food at some of my favorite local steakhouses – I only wish I could have taken pics to show you all, but it didn’t seem too appropriate at business dinners. Let’s just say I am filet mignon’ed out for a while.

The best part of the weekend began after work on Friday, when Derek and I made the drive to Tallahassee for our first football weekend since we graduated. We stayed with one of our best friends, Alissa, and of course Megan and Ben (we don’t go many places without those 2). Alissa is in her second year of law school at FSU and was sweet enough to open her adorable home to us for the weekend.

We had a blast listening to bands and celebrating the noles at Downtown Getdown on Friday night, and it felt so good being back at FSU. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience, and returning to my roots made me super nostalgic.


Derek and I woke up early on Saturday morning/Gameday to make sure we were able to get in our long run.  I immediately checked the weather on my phone and realized my ears would freeze off of my head if I didn’t cover them on the run – off to Target we went for a super thick headband that covered my ears. It seems this always happens to me when I’m running out of town in cold weather – this wasn’t our first emergency ear-muff trip. I got this headband and it kept my ears perfectly warm!

On the training agenda this week was 7 miles, and my feelings going into the run were completely different than most pre-long run feelings. Instead of a little nervous-ness about getting through the run and maintain pace, I was thrilled to be running around campus and the stadium, and that thrill stayed with me the entire 7 miles. I swear I even teared up a bit when we ran around the stadium – I was covered in goosebumps, and not just because it was 40 degrees outside.


When we got back to Alissa’s after our run, we were all ready to get our breakfast on, and grabbed some bagels/sandwiches from Megan and Ben’s favorite college breakfast spot – Bagelheads. I’d never had Bagelheads while at FSU, but I was impressed.

We spent the day meeting up and tailgating with some great friends and family, watching Bobby Bowden’s first return to FSU, and crying when Bobby took over the tradition of planting Chief Osceola’s spear into midfield during the pre-game festivities. Did I mention I was nostalgic about this weekend?








The rest of the weekend included dinner at my absolute favorite pizza place on earth, Momo’s


Yes, that sign says Momo’s and yes I have mad photography skills.

Also included in my weekend was one last 3 mile run around campus, brunch at my sorority house, and an evening of making some halloween treats, which I will share more about later!


I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead of you, and enjoy some serious treats this Halloween!


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