Halloween Treat!

Hey there ghouls and goblins! I just wanted to take a quick minute to share a little treat with you guys. This is just a spinoff of a previous post about a 4th of July treat, modified for the spooky holiday that is right around the corner: Halloween!


1 large bag of pretzel rods

1 bag of white chocolate morsels

1 bag of dark chocolate morsels

Orange Sprinkles

Parchment paper


Melt chocolate in the microwave (I had some trouble with the white chocolate because it has a lower burning point. These tips helped me get it right). Pour sprinkles onto a plate or dish large enough to roll pretzels around. Dip half of pretzel rod in the chocolate, and then roll pretzel in sprinkles. Lay on parchment paper and let dry until sprinkles and chocolate are set.


Easy enough, right? This snack always gets me in the mood for whatever holiday is currently being celebrated, and is one of the most simple treats to bring to any party or gathering! Enjoy 🙂


In addition to snacking on some of these pretzel treats yesterday, I also enjoyed making a new vegetarian-friendly dish (I added chicken for Derek’s inner carnivore, but meat is definitely optional). I’m excited to share the recipe (which was inspired by SkinnyTaste) for my sweet potato nachos with you later this week!


I picked up the ingredients for the dish at the Farmer’s Market following a spin class after work. This trip to the farmer’s market was one for the record books, as I spotted the largest pumpkins I’ve ever seen.


Pretty impressive, huh?

While I missed my morning run, I knew my work week was flexible, so spinning was on my workout agenda for the day. I plan to take most of my workouts to the gym this week while I still can, and hopefully that means I get to take a CXWorx class tonight!

Anyone have any fun fall or Halloween related plans this week? Do share! Happy Tuesday, everyone, keep smiling!


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