Photo Share 11/4

Hey party people, happy Monday and happy November to you all! I am writing this post 30,000 ft. in the air (does that estimation sound right? I hope I’m not seriously off on that), as I know as soon as this plane lands and I get to my hotel this evening I will be far too tired to turn on this computer of mine and begin typing.

The good news about this week? I’m headed for some more audit training, and will be able to dine out very well the next several days. They feed us like it’s the Last Supper over here. The bad news? I’m out of the kitchen until Saturday, and won’t be able to whip up a darn thing while I’m gone. In addition to that sad fact, I’m also without my treasured running buddy, and will have to settle for hotel gyms for any runs/workouts I have on tap.

Luckily for me, the past several days, which I will OBVIOUSLY detail to you all with a plethora of pictures, included plenty of gym time, running, cooking, and baking. What more could a gal like me ask for?

Halloween was far from frightful in our household – instead, we’ll say it was pretty hoppy. Ben, Derek and I were treated to a fall-inspired beer tasting, planned and prepared by the one and only, Megan! Megan purchased several different fall beers, which included a couple of pumpkin beers, as well as some interesting Oktoberfest brewskis. While I am far from a beer connoisseur (give me a Mich Ultra and I’m all set), I really enjoyed tasting and rating all the beers she served us. I felt like the night was perfectly planned, and right up my alley as a great way to celebrate Halloween with friends!


I probably should have cooked something pumpkin or winter-squash related on this fall holiday, but instead I prepared a spicy Cajun chicken pasta dish – I promise to share with you guys later this week!


I woke up Friday morning and headed to the gym for a bright and early barre class. This class was the same I attended last Friday, but much more enjoyable this time around. I feel like the success of group fitness really depends on the energy in the room, and this last class was full of energy. It started my Friday off with a bang, and was a fun way to add some variety to my usual fitness routine.

On Friday evening, Derek and I took my parents to a wine bar we’ve been enjoying lately – Cru Cellars. Cru is a relatively small winery and eatery, and we’re always impressed by the dishes and wine flights we are served whenever we dine at Cru. We all ordered a few plates and shared them all, including a fig and prosciutto flatbread, a smoked whitefish dip, and a burger on a pretzel bun. Derek and I resisted stuffing ourselves to the brim, so that we could hop on over to Yogurtology and get our froyo fix for the night.

On our agenda for Saturday morning was a long training run for our upcoming half marathon, but Mother Nature put her foot down in the form of all-day long thunderstorms. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, so I made my way to the gym for a 3 mile treadmill run and a Bodypump class instead. My friend Sara agreed to join me, which made the class 10x better, as it seems I’m always that girl in class with no one to talk to.

AND THEN IT WAS TIME TO CELEBRATE LOUIE! I feel awful admitting this to you all, but I forgot Louie’s “fake” birthday twice this year. We aren’t really sure when his date of birth is, so we designated 10/15 as the day we would celebrate. 10/15 came and went, and we completely forgot about the little guy! So what did we do?  We decided his birthday would be Halloween, because who could forget that birthday? We would never forget his birthday if it was Halloween. Then rolled around November 1st, and we realized we forgot to celebrate his birthday once again. WE. ARE. AWFUL. PEOPLE. That was it, no questions asked, Louie’s birthday would be the very next day, November 2nd. So November 2nd  began with a frosty paw, followed by a trip to Petco where Lou went crazy at the treat bar, and ended with a whole lot of Lou lovin’! And the best part about it all? I don’t even think he was made at me for forgetting his special day!


Louie was extra excited to spend part of his birthday at his friend Sam’s house, as you can tell.


Derek’s mom taught me how to bake a delectable Pumpkin Roll, and I spent Saturday afternoon covered in powdered sugar. I can’t wait to share this recipe with you guys!


We spent Saturday evening with great friends at The Lodge, watching our ‘Noles beat Miami – the celebration may or may not have helped with our 8 mile run that took place Sunday morning.


But at least the run happened, and we checked another distance off of our list. Our long run mileage gets longer and longer the next few weeks, and we’re enjoying running around new parts of town, as we have lots of ground to cover.

photo 3

The rest of my Sunday included a trip to the Hyde Park Fresh market with friends and Louie, and an evening on a jet plane for work travel.


My goal for this new week is to take advantage of my hotel stay by getting to bed early (less distractions than at home) and getting in at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Any of you have healthy goals planned for this week?

Happy Monday – Keep Smiling!


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