Five Things Friday: Round 3

Hey Hey Hey! I hope you are guys are all smiles over there, because today is FrIdAy! And not only is it just Friday, but it is the first Friday in the month of December! And what is happier and more joyful than a Friday during holiday season? Not too many things! I’m currently a ball of energy and excitement as I countdown the hours to my first half-marathon tomorrow – please cross your fingers and wish me luck! Until then, I’ll leave you with 5 things that are making me smile this lovely Friday!

1. Surprise gifts from neighbors! Our next door neighbors at Derek’s house are so sweet and friendly, and we’re lucky to have them! They brought us this sweet Christmas gift this week, which featured wine glasses from our alma maters, a bottle of wine, and some kitchen essentials! It made me smile from ear-to-ear and warmed me up on the inside!

photo 4 (3)

2. My mom’s gorgeous tablescape for a Christmas party. My mom has a group of friends (most of whom she’s known since elementary and highschool) that have been getting together almost every single month for the past 25+ years. They rotate hosting their “gatherings” and my mom hosted the Christmas gathering this week. I was SO impressed by the table she put together – isn’t it gorgeous!? photo 2

3. Holiday Sweets – I am having MASSIVE sweet teeth lately. I can’t choose which makes me happier, this giant cannoli cupcake my mom brought me from Moreno’s Bakery or the chocolate covered biscotti I made last week
photo 2 (1)


4. Holiday Music! The Glee Christmas Albums keep me in the holiday spirit all day at work and every second I’m in the car. I can’t get enough of it, and since the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter than ever this year, I’m jamming in as much Christmas music as possible!


5. The Wolf of Wall Street. As you may know, the movie adaptation of this bestseller comes out on Christmas Day this year. I’m trying my best to have the book read by then, and I’m really enjoying it so far! I haven’t made it to the end, but from what I’m reading, I definitely recommend it!
the wolf of wallstreet

HAPPY FRIDAY! Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?


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